NFRW Raising Advocacy to New Levels

– Keep Nine Amendment and Election Security Top Issues –

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Republican Women send a message for Congress:

Support honest elections – Stop H.R. 1/S. 1.


“As NFRW’s 2021 Legislative Advocacy Day drew closer, we found the Capitol still closed, with Nancy Pelosi’s barbed wire separating We the People from our House. I said, if we can’t come to the Capitol, we’ll bring the Capitol to us,” stated NFRW President Ann Schockett. A special NFRW Legislative Advocacy Boot Camp 2021 was created to kick off the 2021 Spring Board Meeting and had a sharp focus on the issues.


Led by Legislation and Research Committee Chair Dubbie Buckler, the half-day session opened with remarks by Senator Rand Paul and featured Senator Marsha Blackburn (a member of the NFRW Legislation and Advocacy Committee) as well as Freedom Force members Congresswoman Michelle Steel and Victoria Spartz. Leading experts provided updates on the NFRW’s top priorities of election integrity (Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation) and the Keep Nine Amendment (Roman Buhler of the Keep Nine Coalition) and attendees engaged in interactive “How to Lobby” training with former Congresswoman Barbara Comstock.


“With the Democrats now in control and seeking to push their radical agenda in Washington, NFRW’s mission has taken on heightened importance. We’ve become a leading partner and activist voice in vital issues to protect our country – the Keep Nine Amendment and Election Integrity,” said President Schockett of the Federation’s heightened focus. “Women’s voices matter, and we’re letting our voices be heard!”


With action on H.R. 1 moving to the Senate, the NFRW voiced a strong and overwhelming “NO” with stop signs to punctuate their message. At Saturday’s meeting, the NFRW Board of Directors formally adopted a resolution endorsing the Keep Nine Amendment to stop court packing. Click here to read the resolution.

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