Deadline for Officer Candidates for 2022-23 Term

At the Spring Board Meeting, the NFRW Board of Directors elected members of the 2021 NFRW Nominating Committee. They are:


Monica Kozlowski (IN), Chair

Diana Waterman (MD), Secretary

Glynis Chester (TX)

Janet Freixas (NV)

Britney Garner (AL)

JoAnn Parker (LA)

Sharon Stuthard (AR)

Gwen Ecklund (IA), 1st Alternate

Barbara Trautman (TN), 2nd Alternate


The Nominating Committee has set June 11, 2021, at 5PM Eastern as the deadline by which documents and letters of recommendation for candidates who wish to be considered for the 2022-23 slate must be submitted. Click here for instructions and here for supplemental questions for candidates.

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