So honored to interview U.S. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas at RNC GOPTV in DC for our upcoming NFRW On the Issues! This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, and the NFRW Americanism Committee has planned exciting activities including this interview.
Hosting with me were Americanism Committee Chair Olivia McCaffrey and Committee Member/TFRW President Glynis Chester who asked poignant questions sent from the committee members. Thanks to Jonelle Talley Fulmer, Arkansas GOP Chair for the use of the studio, and to NFRW 2nd VP and Committee Advisor Julie Lee-Harris for arranging for the Senator to be interviewed.
Senator Cotton’s insights were riveting. He is author of “Sacred Duty” describing his tour with and the history of the Old Guard at Arlington National Cemetery. It is a fascinating, ‘must read’ that will be our NFRW Literacy Book of the month in November for Veterans’ Day and the commemorate the anniversary of the Tomb.
Watch for details on the show in our NFRW emails, newsletter and social media!

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