NFRW Call-to-Action: Tornado Victims Need Our Help

In the wake of last Friday’s devastating tornadoes in Kentucky and five other states, NFRW President Ann Schockett and Kentucky Federation President Pam Roberts immediately started working closely to coordinate assistance for Kentucky, which was the hardest hit state. NFRW is awaiting word of any aid that will be needed for other states that, despite their own losses, are supplying necessary resources to Kentucky. The NFRW Caring for America and Homeland Security Committees have been mobilized, with Homeland Security member Rachel Martin helping arrange for heated tents that can be used as temporary living quarters.
Among those in Kentucky who have been identified so far as having lost their homes is Rachel Yates, the local club president in Marshall County, the epicenter of the powerful storm she describes as eradicating her neighborhood. Deb Blake, incoming secretary of a newly federated club in Western Kentucky, has been displaced after a harrowing experience. “The whole town is shocked and grieving! But we’re pulling together.”
“On behalf of the NFRW, I send heartfelt condolences and prayers to all of those affected by the over 30 devastating tornadoes that ravaged Arkansas to Kentucky,” Schockett said. “The NFRW stands ready as always to assist their sisters and communities.”
“We have had an overwhelming amount of people who have reached out,” Roberts noted. While continuing to work on long-term relief plans, Roberts requests that donations be made using the KFRW donations page, (designate your donation for “Tornado Relief Fund”), and KFRW will keep track of your targeted donations and get the money out to charities in the impacted areas.

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