A Message from the President

Membership Recruitment Heads to Prime Time

NFRW President Eileen Sobjack and granddaughter Emersyn working the fair booth in 2020 and recruiting Republican Women

It’s summer, and opportunities abound to bring in new members.

There is growing dissatisfaction with the current administration, and women want to do something to effect change. They just need to know we exist.


Fortunately, the low-hanging fruit is all around you!


As you participate in Republican campaign events like picnics and door knocking, advertise your club by wearing your club nametag. You will likely meet Republican women who don’t belong to a local club. Be sure to invite them to your next club meeting. Give them something tangible to which they can refer later, such as your business card or club brochure.


Another ideal tool for getting the #RedWave going in your community is the new NFRW Palm Card. Pictured below, the Palm Card is available for purchase in the NFRW’s online store here. States and clubs are welcome to add a customized label with local contact information in the white space.


It’s easy meeting Republican women at Republican events, but we also must be more visible in the community. Get a booth at your local fair or enter your club in a parade. Again, advertise your club by wearing your club nametag and handing out a business card, brochure or palm card.


Many communities have conservative radio programs and podcasts available online or on social media. Contact them and offer to do an interview on an issue. There’s always an opportunity to bring up your club and when it meets.


Starting in this week’s Capital Connection, the NFRW Membership Committee is offering membership tips to help you in your outreach efforts. See the first tip below.


Above all, always remember that your enthusiasm is the best marketing strategy for growing membership.


Increasing membership increases our strength as Republicans and means more Republican votes in November. Now is prime time to grow our membership.

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