The installation ceremony for members of the 2022-2023 NFRW Executive Committee was held at the Spring Board Meeting. 

Pictured in the official portrait, FRONT ROW (l-r): Eileen Sobjack, President (WA); Vanessa LaFranco, 1st VP (NJ); Michelle Buckwalter-Schurman, 2nd VP (IL); Carol Hadley, 3rd VP (CA). BACK ROW (l-r): Marilyn Harris, Secretary (CO); Julie Harris, 4th VP (AR); Keri Abernathy, Treasurer (MS); Monica Kozlowski (IN), Karen Newton (TX) and Heidi Parker Martin (LA), Members-at-Large; and, Ann Schockett, Immediate Past President (NY).
“It’s official we are installed!
Thankful and blessed to serve with this excellent Executive Committee.
One of my mentors, 2014-15 NFRW President Kathy Brugger installed the officers. She gave each of us two  yellow roses. Each officer gave me one of those roses as a symbol of our commitment to be a unified team. Unity and teamwork=success!”
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