A Message from the President

Run the Race to the Finish and the Democrats Don’t Have a Ghost of a Chance

NFRW President Eileen Sobjack at Louisiana Federation Convention with

1st VP Vanessa LaFranco and U.S. Senator John Kennedy, who said,

“There wouldn’t be a Republican Party without the Republican Women.”

The polls continue to look great for most of our candidates. The issues of concern are those affecting our pocketbooks, safety, and freedoms. Republicans have a plan to turn this country around and to build a stronger economy, make our nation safer, and ensure individual freedoms guaranteed to us in our Constitution.

I had the opportunity to visit six state federations in September and October. The energy and enthusiasm generated for campaigns is incredible. During these visits the elected Republican leaders share with me their sincere appreciation of your work. Last weekend when I was in Louisiana, U.S. Sen. John Kennedy said several times there wouldn’t be a Republican Party without the Republican Women.

Across the country we all are involved in making a difference to get out every vote for Republicans in this election. We can’t slow down at this point. We need to give it everything we’ve got.

You can still make phone calls for candidates.  EMAIL:  SUSSEXGOP@PROTONMAIL.COM

Or reach out to your local Republican Women’s group.


Keep up the momentum through November 8! Run the race to the finish because two more years of Democrat control of Congress would be truly frightening!

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