A Message from the President

Why Are You a Republican?


Last week I represented NFRW at the Republican National Committee meeting in California’s Orange County. On Friday, we heard from Kellyanne Conway, a professional pollster, best-selling author, political strategist and inspirational speaker.


Kellyanne challenged us to develop our personal message. She made an excellent point that we all need to heed. She said you must do your part to get out your message. You need to be ready with your seven-second answer, your 70-second answer and your seven-minute answer to why you are a Republican.


As Republican women, each of us is an ambassador. Our message provides an opportunity to share the principles of our great nation and the work we do to preserve our freedoms.


What is your story? Why are you a Republican? What difference are you making for your country, state, and community?


If we only focus on what is wrong with our country, we aren’t providing an alternative. American people need hope! They need to hear our message, our story, and why we all must remain committed to making a difference.


Start practicing your message. In fact, how about practicing in front of other Republican Women friends? Make it a club activity.


Let’s be a strong and decisive voice for Republican principles.

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