National Federation of Republican Women~Faith Coalition Today; Pray for Israel


Hamas terrorists committed unthinkable atrocities as they invaded Israel. These are perilous times as Israel fights for her future. NFRW has a long history of support for Israel, and President Eileen Sobjack is calling on NFRW members to continue to pray and stand strong in their support for Israel.


To understand what it means to live with terror, consider the following story Sue Lynch shared during the prayer breakfast as the 42nd Biennial NFRW Convention about the 2011 trip to Israel she took during her term as NFRW President:


“We visited NATAL, Israel’s National Post Traumatic Stress treatment center, a place where victims are who are coping with the Effects of Terror and War Related Trauma. As part of the presentation, the Director passed around a gas mask to us, letting us know every Israeli must have one. As I held the gas mask in my hand, I knew then and there I would return home completely determined to use my influence to stand with Israel. Our host indicated every child born receives this mask for their safety against those who want to destroy this Holy land. No one should be living in that constant fear.”


Please keep Israel in your thoughts and prayers during these difficult times.

Registration link: Prayer for Israel



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